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Animal Control Long Island Services


Long Island Exterminating Co., Inc Animal Control Services:

Long Island Exterminating specializes in Long Island raccoon removal Long Island, squirrel, and wild animal removal. We thoroughly inspect, locate and safely and humanely extract the animal from the premises. Additionally, we guarantee that said creatures will not return to your home!

Animal control removal services and expulsion is the most humane alternative to safely rid animals permanently. We deal with Nassau & Suffolk, Long Island removal of various animal intruders including but not limited to: Raccoons, Squirrels, Possum, Birds, Mice, Rats and other critter removal. Our licensed technicians have several years of experience in removing raccoons and squirrels from attics and chimneys, as well as rodent control services. We are your #1 pick for animal removal Long Island services.

Raccoon Removal and Trapping:

Raccoons can cause severe damage to your property. Raccoons frequently urinate and spread fecal matter on the interior of the structure. Raccoons also carry a list of hazardous and harmful parasites and diseases. They are known to be the single largest carrier of rabies in New York State. Our raccoon removal Long Island technicians safely and humanely extricate raccoons and relocate them to an area where they are unable to detect the prior residence.

Squirrel Trapping and Removal:

Gray squirrels are a big problem in the Long Island area. They are very forceful and destructive in nature. They will chew through almost anything and everything; whether the structure is new or old. We provide humane Huntington and Long Island squirrel removal with a guarantee that the animal will not return to the prior residence.

Rats and Mice Control/Trapping:


Whether one hears the annoying scratching in the walls at night or observes droppings in the garage, kitchen, attic, basement or the exterior perimeter; the use of New York State registered poisons and traps will effectively and efficiently eliminate and control the population of Mice and Rats. However, there is a slight risk of them dying in an inaccessible infrastructure or inaccessible area of your property. Snap trapping and/or monitoring rodent bait stations are a valuable method to ensure elimination and prevent future invaders.

If burdened by Rats or Mice, you will have continuous issues unless your exterior and interior has been inspected for openings along rooflines, crawlspaces and cracks in the foundation. Mice carry parasites and ticks into your home or establishments, which compromises the health and welfare of your family, guests, or patrons. Our Huntington and Long Island rodent control technicians can discover and address these visible openings to greatly limit and prevent further infestations.

For safe, humane rodent control, including raccoon and squirrel removal, contact Long Island Exterminating Co., serving Long Island, Huntington, and the NYC area.