Long Island Exterminating Testimonials

Finally found a reliable, punctual and effective company for the last 5 years. They solved a problem when no one else could! Thankful for such a wonderful company with great employees.
— Michelle D.
Thank you for giving us our backyard back! We were so used to just “dealing” with the bees that would swarm around our patio dining area. We are looking forward to the best summer in our backyard in YEARS! My entire family thanks you!
— Marcus B.
Long Island exterminating not only got rid of my horrifying pest problems and they’re customer service is A+. Owning a exclusive restaurant with major issues from using one of the bigger “rip off” companies, they came in, developed a game plan and executed and maintained the nightmare that the prior pest company left me! Chris and Steve, the owners are knowledgeable and professional! Quality workmanship and an honest company! I use them for my business and my house! I would recommend them to anyone who owns a house or a business!
— Chris B.
This is my 3rd time hiring them - each time for a different reason & each time with amazing results. This most recent time i had to hire them was due to ticks being on my property . This spring has been crazy on Long Island and especially at my house with all the ticks and i have a dog so i did not want to take any chances! They were quick, efficient, real pros, and got the job done. I can now let my doggy roam freely - thank you so much!!!!! The other times i had to hire them was due to bugs (bees & a crazy ant problem) both times they went above and beyond for me. They are also super nice which was a plus (i am a female and they didn’t make me feel stupid for not knowing what was what unlike other places I’ve hired in the past). I will definitely be hiring them again if i have any problems - but hopefully there won’t be any other problems !!!!
— Lizzy B.
Steve and his sons have been providing pest control services to our home for the past ten years. We have been very satisfied with their professional attitude and timely response to any problems that we have encountered. I continuously recommend Long Island Exterminating Services to my friends.
— Jean C.